Professional advisory with regard to staircase design and arrangement.

Constant and direct contact during performance of works

from the moment of taking measurements at the client's location, through design and installation to the delivery of finished work.

Modern technological facilities and materials which have relevant certificates.

Our mission, your growth.

We do not really manufacture staircases—we build them. The same way you build a family or a company, which then uses our staircases. We care about our clients’ needs and their everyday life. The number of steps you take through our staircases is always a kind of growth. Growth in the form of company’s development or tightening family ties. In the morning, we walk down the stairs very quickly, as if we were flying down in a hurry. Walking down in the evening is a different story—it is more careful, particularly when you have just put your child to sleep. It is different when you are going down the stairs with a client—then you tread confidently and concentrate on your interlocutor. Another case is when you are running away from someone. Regardless of circumstances, staircases which we build ensure security and comfort.

We design, supervise and build. We build staircases and you build your House or Brand.


  • Interior design is my passion. I was looking forward to arranging my own house. The fact that ZLEM has such extensive experience in staircase manufacturing allowed me to design my dream stairs. I was afraid that I would not be able to find a company which could bring my interior design fantasies to life, but I was wrong.

    Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
  • Collaboration with ZLEM entails guaranteed quality in terms of performance of works, contact with the client and their professionals’ approach to their work. If you want to pay someone who likes and respects their work, I highly recommend the company.

  • I recommend it because its foremen use high quality materials, their calculations are accurate and they meet all deadlines.

    Jaworze near Bielsko-Biała
  • During the time when the company’s workers were working at my house I was most impressed with the fact that they worked in a disciplined and quick manner. The staircase I ordered was being built right before my eyes.

  • My husband and I have been building our house for many years. Christmas came and went many times and we still were not able to move in—the house was not finished and we did not have enough money. Finally, thanks to flexible payment terms agreed with ZLEM we have completed everything this year. When I was thanking the workers for building the stairs I knew that that was the moment I started feeling at home and that it was my own house.

  • I would like to thank You and your employees for a piece of
    great work you did on my Stairs.
    Everything looks like in your portfolio 🙂
    Despite a slight delay in installation, it was worth the wait.