Purchase process

Purchase process

How to order stairs in a few steps.

1 - Customer contact

The customer contacts us through the website and sends a request for a quote.

2 - Initial offer preparation.

Upon receipt of the inquiry, we send the initial estimate to the customer.

See our sample offer here: >CLICK<

3 - Measurement at customer site and consulting

We meet, measure and talk to dispel any doubts.

4 - Customer visit in the showroom (our headquarters)

– we discuss the details of the project
– we choose materials
– we confirm technical details and financial offer

5 - Signing the contract and fulfilling the order

– advance payment
– the first stage is the assembly of the stairs construction together with the work steps, so that we avoid damage to the steps and balustrade during further work (we charge a return deposit of 200zł)
In the second stage the steps and balustrade are assembled before painting
– the final stage is the final receipt by the customer