About the company

Regardless of whether you are walking, running or even dancing while going down for tea, it is important for you to feel secure. Staircases are not only a necessary item at every house—they are also a passage which can completely change the perspective.
We care about you being able to enjoy using your stairs for a long time and be satisfied with them.

Let us tell you our story and describe our values.

PPHU ZLEM sp. z o.o. is a family company which was established in 1993. We specialise in manufacturing self-supporting staircases and balustrades. ZLEM entails reliability and professional approach supported by extensive experience. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to carry out unconventional orders.

In 2007–2009 the company underwent a comprehensive technological modernisation. We are currently operating in newly built halls which fulfil high standards for machinery while ensuring highly comfortable conditions for work.

PPHU „ZLEM” sp. z o.o. offers self-supporting staircases manufactured on the basis of an exclusive licence granted by a recognised German company, Stuckenbrok System, which has been operating in Germany for over 40 years. Apart from that, we offer an extensive range of our own solutions and we are able to satisfy our clients’ diverse expectations.

Our mission, your growth.

We do not really manufacture staircases—we build them. The same way you build a family or a company, which then uses our staircases. We care about our clients’ needs and their everyday life. The number of steps you take through our staircases is always a kind of growth. Growth in the form of company’s development or tightening family ties. In the morning, we walk down the stairs very quickly, as if we were flying down in a hurry. Walking down in the evening is a different story—it is more careful, particularly when you have just put your child to sleep. It is different when you are going down the stairs with a client—then you tread confidently and concentrate on your interlocutor. Another case is when you are running away from someone. Regardless of circumstances, staircases which we build ensure security and comfort.

We design, supervise and build. We build staircases and you build your House or Brand.

First and foremost—contact with clients

We are always at your disposal to ensure that we meet your expectations to the fullest extent.

Contact with clients is of utmost importance for us, therefore we are available at all times, from the moment of measurements at client’s location, through the design stage and installation, to ensure that we meet your expectations to the fullest extent. Apart from care for the quality of products and clients’ comfort, we also value aesthetics and the design of stairs.

We strive to keep up with latest fashion and modern design trends. The combination of metal, wood, glass and stone allows us to choose the optimal design for our products, which can be perfectly fitted to any interior design.

Tread confidently. Up or down our stairs.

We use the best materials and ensure the highest quality of the manufacturing process.

From the very beginning we have been paying particular attention to the quality and durability of our products. We use the best materials and subject them to rigorous testing, but our primary goal is to care for them to be diligently manufactured. Our experience and implementation of latest technologies allow us to make stairs of different shapes, use and combine various materials, continuously expand our offer and production capability. Selection of appropriate materials allows us to meet the highest safety standards.

All materials we use have relevant certificates. We provide professional advisory as well as stair design and arrangement services.

We care both for our competence and maintaining the highest standard.

We encourage you to become acquainted with certificates confirming that we adhere to production processes and norms which are binding in Poland and in European Union, all our stairs have the CE mark confirming the admission to use and certifying compliance with the building standard, which ultimately constitute a guarantee of safe use of our stairs.