Worth to know..

We have provided a few tips and information that should help you avoid the most common problems with stairs installation.

When should you think about the stairs?

We believe, the stairs should be thought at the design stage, because often designed stairs do not meet the Polish Standard.

The investor does not need to be familiar with the described parameters in the project – dimensions of the stairs are exactly described in the Polish Standard (see attachment), which shows us what height, depth and widths should be kept, and what is the maximum number of steps in one run.
Everything to make the stairs safe and comfortable.

Plan ahead, avoid problems:

At the stage of the project you can also address most of the conflicts with installations in the building, windows, doors...

Remember about installations!

Remember about the balustrades, even at the concrete steps so that from the edge and front of the ceiling there was no such things as electric wires.


And in the frame construction houses..

Required reinforcements in the structure of the wall and ceiling can be planned at the design stage to avoid vertical supports.



We care about our competence and highest quality standards.

Our company has the required certificates confirming compliance with all manufacturing standards, so that all our designs installed on customer’s premises in Poland and in the European Union have the CE mark confirming the admission to use and certifying compliance with the building standard, and in result – safe use.

With us you will get faster to your floor!

Installation of our stairs can begin at the raw building stage (the construction itself and the working steps) and the proper steps with the balustrades can be installed just before the final painting. This will allow us to conveniently move between floors during finishing work, while avoiding damage to the steps and balustrade.