Outdoor stairs – Spiral

They can be used as conventional stairs at home or emergency stairs at public purpose buildings.

The stairs have a diameter of 1.4 to 2.6 m and they can cover up to 6 floors (one floor is 3.2 m). They are fireproof and they can withstand weather conditions. The appropriate technological processes, used materials and careful installation guarantee their reliability. The construction of the load-bearing pillar of steel steps, balustrade and handrail as well as anchorage ensures maximum durability and stability.

The handrail can be covered with a plastic coating resistant to high and low temperatures. The surface of stairs is non-slippery owing to the use of tread plate or small-sized grid and the entire stairs are protected against corrosion using hot dip galvanisation. We also offer stairs and balustrades made of stainless, polished or ground steel. The structure of spiral stairs is made of a thick-walled pipe to which steps are welded. The steps can be made of stone, Wema grid or non-slip sheet metal.