Indoor stairs

Indoor staircases are a very extensive category. They include many types of stairs. What they have in common is that they are installed inside a building. Indoor staircases can be both wooden and metal. Depending on the type of stairs, their installation can be relatively easy and quick or very complex and time consuming. This is because indoor straight stairs do not require taking various measurements or a lengthy installation, while indoor winder or spiral stairs require taking numerous measurements and supervision at each stage of installation.

Types of indoor stairs

This type of stairs works great for cramped rooms, because they take up less space than conventional two-flight stairs.

This group includes single-flight stairs which, to put it simply, are stairs which allow one to climb up using one flight, without any changes of direction.

Stairs with a flight divided into at least two parts with a landing which allows you to comfortably change the direction while climbing.

This is a proposal of functional stairs in an assortment of colours, which can be used in any residential, commercial, factory and other premises.